Home Learning Standard - 3 Youtube/Diksha Video.

Home Learning Standard - 3 Youtube/Diksha Video.

You are all aware of the beautiful online education being imparted by the Gujarat government at present but we are ready to give you an understanding of how to get online education on a daily basis.  Information on all the online education that is coming We all know it as video home learning

 This video is presented to us in different ways every day by Gandhinagar Studio. In this video we are provided free knowledge from standard three to standard 12. You can also watch this video on DD Girnar every day. Watch the video on DD Girnar.  So you are also given a time sheet which may have reached your whatsapp group through your teachers. Another special thing to mention is that this time in addition to online education, a module has also been released by the Gujarat government from home. This module is also very useful. Learn at home.  All the teacher friends of Gujarat government have worked very hard for the material and because of these teachers let us learn at home as well as all the materials of online education you can comfortably watch at home as per the convenience of your time.

 So let us know what you have to do to watch this video. To watch this video, first you have to go to youtube and search for a channel called Gujarati Class. As soon as you search, you will find it. Just watch this channel and you can subscribe to this channel every day.  New videos All videos from Std. 9th to 12th are uploaded. You can watch this video anytime on youtube as per your convenience.  You can watch them on this blog here in Diksha application as well as in the online education youtube channel of Gujarat government. You can watch new videos here every day. Every day videos will be uploaded on this website and you will also get new information on this blog every day.  In addition to telling you specially that without any kind of clothes, children, every study conclusion is hidden behind this video that is shown every day. If you don't know what the study outcome is, let me tell you today.  Give a little more information about the results Study findings are a way to measure the level of education of children. The idea of   how to measure the level of education comes easily from the study findings of each subject and also about how to study and get teachers of each subject  Full understanding will be given to you on this blog.

 Friends, just visit this blog every day to see such new information and educational daily updates and after visiting you will tell us very quickly how you felt about this blog. To get all the information of this blog in your whatsapp you have to message us.  Apart from this, a very good understanding of how online education is given to children through youtube is also given here and here is also a link to watch the video of Gujarat government's youtube channel as well as Diksha application every day, so you all children must take advantage of it.  Thank you all very much for visiting this blog


Animated Gif New (33) you tube link



28-10-20 Std 3 EVS Video Of  YouTube

27-10-20 Std 3 Maths Video Of  YouTube

26-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video

24-10-20 Std 3 Video Of YouTube

23-10-20 Std 3 Maths Video Of YouTube

22-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video Of Diksha App

22-10-20 std 3 Gujarati Video Of YouTube

21-10-20 Std 3 EVS Video Of Diksha App

21-10-20 std 3 EVS Video Of YouTube

20-10-20 Std 3 Maths Video Of Diksha App

20-10-20 std 3 Maths Video Of YouTube

19-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video Of Diksha App

19-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video Of YouTube

17-10-20 std 3 joyful Saturday
14-10-20 Std 3 EVS Video Of Diksha App

14-10-20 Std 3 EVS Video Of YouTube

13-10-20 std 3 maths Video

12-10-20 std 3 Gujarati Video

10-10-20 std 3 Joyful Saturday Video Of Diksha App

10-10-20 std 3 Joyful Saturday Video Of YouTube

09-10-20 Standard 3 Maths Video Of Diksha App

09-10-20 Std 3 Maths Video Of YouTube

08-10-20 Standard 3 Gujarati Video Of Diksha App

08-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video Of YouTube

07-10-20 std 3 EVS Video

06-10-20 Std 3 maths Video

05-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video

03-10-20 Std 3 Joyful Saturday

01-10-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video

Standard 3 Home Learning all date video Septembe

30-09-20 std 3 EVS

29-09-20 std 3 Maths Video

28-09-20 std 3 Gujarati Video

26-09-20 std 3 Joyful Saturday Video

25-09-20 std 3 Maths Video

24-09-20 Std 3 Gujarati

23-09-20 Std 3 EVS

22-09-20 Std 3 Maths

21-09-20 Standard 3 Gujarati Video Of YouTube Link

21-09-20 Std 3 Gujarati Video Link Of Diksha

 Date:- 09/08/2020 Holiday

Kids, you too will love this video because this video is made in a very simple language. The Government of Gujarat Government Primary School teachers have worked very hard to make this video. So a polite request to all behind this video or great fun.  You can comment on it so that the morale of the video maker increases a lot and so you can study at home too

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